No documentation on UPROPERTY meta tags ToolTip and AnimNotifyBoneName

There’s no documentation on UPROPERTY meta tags ToolTip and AnimNotifyBoneName.

Here are 2 pages from the documentation that list UPROPERTY specifiers and list their meta tags. But are missing ToolTip and AnimNotifyBoneName.

Properties page:…ies/index.html

Property Specifiers page:…ers/index.html

I only know they exist because they’re fairly common in the engine code. For example. Here is an example of those tags being used on Engine\Plugins\FX\Niagara\Source\NiagaraAnimNotifies\Public\AnimNotifyState_TimedNiagaraEffect.h

    // The socket within our mesh component to attach to when we spawn the Niagara component
    UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = NiagaraSystem, meta = (ToolTip = "The socket or bone to attach the system to", AnimNotifyBoneName = "true"))
    FName SocketName;

Hey vib! Thanks for reaching out to us. I see the ToolTip tag mentioned here:…ata/index.html. Would it help to link to that page from the ones you mentioned above? Additionally, I can request that the AnimNotifyBoneName tag be added to the **Metadata Specifiers **doc.

Those 2 pages have a list of Metadata Specifiers and Tooltip is not included. It would be nice if those pages either have only a link to a page that have all the Metadata Specifiers. Or if those 2 pages also have the full list themselves. But having an incomplete list anywhere is problematic. Because we look up for Metadata Specifiers, find those lists and think that’s all there is.

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me vib. I’ll pass this request along and see what we can do to clear things up.

Would be nice to have this listed