No documentation for World composition

Go to
click Learning & support > Documentation
Write “World composition” into the search bar in upper right corner
Click the first link in the search results (…g/WorldBrowser)
Get greeted by the documention overview instead of anything related to world composition (

If anybody has an old link to any official explanation of the world composition I’d appreciate it.

Typing “World Composition” into the page filter in the upper left works just fine. World Composition User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hey jonhallur. Unfortunately it looks like that link is broken from the search window. I’ve made a ticket and passed it along to the rest of our team to look into this. In the meantime, I’d use ConverseFox’s steps to locate that article.

I would say there could be much more detailed info on World Composition. Most tutorials i see are helpful but just talking about things like the levels window, make current , load , unload , assign layers , etc… But where is the rest of it ? like adding static mesh’s in it , or adding an auto material to a tiled landscape , why after loading all levels and saving , do you have to reload all levels again when the editor restarts? adding lighting , or a weather system , if i import a heightmap thats 8192 x 8192 overall , i seem to only be able to import with a minimum of 255 tiles, how is one supposed to work with this many tiles? Things like that and many other things. I know some of this is basics , but some of us don’t know all this.

What about being able to convert to UE5 when that comes along ? I presume why wouldn’t we be able to, but it would be nice to know for sure, if they know yet. There are just too many ‘issues’ with world comp so being able to UP to something with more features and stabiity is mandatory if they want to keep us around. Pls see #3.

Hello Razmaz,

this behavior sounds like it may be a bug. In order for us to gather more information, we would like to request that you fill out a bug report. If you’ve never filed a bug report before, you may refer to our guide onhow to report a bug.

There are many improvements coming to the Unreal Engine documentation. You can find a roadmap of these improvements from the post on the Unreal Engine Documentation Update: 2020 Recap and 2021 Preview

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