No displacement in Megascan materials

I’ve created a Megascan material blend in 4.26 then reopened in UE5.

However no matter what I do I canot get any displacement in my materials.

In the attached I’ve set Normal strength down to zero and cranked up Displacement amount to 1000. I definitely should see something in the preview window.

I’ve tried switching my Parent material from

SurfaceBlend_Master Material to MS_DefaultMaterial_Displacement No difference.

Does anyone know if this is a known bug in UE5?

This works fine in 4.26.

Tessellation has been removed in UE5.

Thanks Yes apparently deprecated in 4.26 and completely removed in 5.0. But this begs the question, how to do displacement with Megascan materials in UE5?

Its possible to displace individual meshes using the Modelling Tools plugin. And I’ve also seen virtual height fields being suggested for landscapes.

But what is missing is the ability to easilly create material blends using vertex painting, each with their own unique displacement, like you can with the current Megascans Material Blend workflow in 4.26. This workflow was-is so powerful and easy to use. IMHO a huge mistake to remove tesselation. Hoping this is added to Nanite.

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I would also very much like to know this. I’m trying to use Virtual Heightfield Mesh, but so far I haven’t gotten it to work.

Has there been any response on this over the past half year or so of people griping? It would be nice to have a sticky thread that explains the situation and offers new paths forward


If you’re using nanite I believe it doesn’t support vertex offset in the shader currently.

Check the section: Supported Features of Nanite

Regular mesh materials work fine with world offset in my project