No Disable Movement

I’m currently using this tutorial to finish a character blueprint. Below the first image it requests a DisableMovement node, although i can’t find a single node using the search bar that meets this criteria. There are three options when i type DisbaleMovement, all require an input, unlike the one used in the example image. Am I missing something?

Thanks, but i believe that this dosn’t help in creating a condition as shown in the link.

Disable Movement node requires a Character Movement Component. Try using it like this:

The nodes are context sensitive and are filtered based on the wire origin. If you ever have problems finding something, consider disabling the Context Sensitive tickbox in the right click menu.

If you are talking about the small red node, it’s just a boolean variable you’ll need to create yourself.
edit: I should have looked at your link first (I assumed you’ve linked a 20min YT tut…)

Added a clarification. I misunderstood you.