No custom characters spawn, mouse input is not being taken when they do

I have been working on a little ball that rolls around in different ways for a few days. Everything has been pretty much as expected. I was streamlining my movement blueprinting and when I went to test it in editor suddenly my ball was spawning near, but off the map. I started hitting undo until all the streamlining I had just done was undone, tested, ball spawned in a different, still wrong location, and now my look mechanics didn’t work. I continued undoing until before the last bit of streamlining I did with my look mechanic, tested, didn’t spawn. I went into my gamemode bp and changed the default character to one of the built in ones, spawned normally, character behaved normally. So I started a new project, imported my ball character, same exact results. Clearly there is something wrong with the ball character blueprint, but I can not for the life of me figure out what setting I changed. I undid everything I seemed to have done with no success. It seems that just when the engine starts, the character will sometimes spawn, but, again, in wrong locations. The wrong locations are consistent, there’s only a few that it seems to cycle through, one of which becomes where the default debug camera (or whatever you get when you don’t assign a default character) spawns so long as I have that character selected. I have also tried duplicating it, but now think I will just build one from scratch.

Just a weird thing and I’d like to know what may have caused it.

Edit: Imported an old version of the pawn that I know works, same exact problem. Created a new pawn from scratch, same exact problem. Reinstalled the engine, same exact problem.

Hi, so I don’t have the full idea of what you are trying to do with your spawning, but have you tried placing the actor you want to control in the world and playing? Would you mind posting a picture of your spawning logic if you have any? Also, try do do a test by putting a network player start in the world and trying to spawn you character from there. It shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s good to start ruling things out.

No Spawning logic, just whatever implementation ue4 uses to spawn your default pawn asset if you haven’t placed one in the world already when you click play in the editor. I have also tried manually placing a pawn and setting it to autopossess, which worked, but the camera still doesn’t move as it did before. I don’t know if it simply isn’t consuming the input or if the input is even happening, or if the camera’s just stuck.