no credit card

I’m poor. And I have no Credit Card. But I like to try UE4. Please show me a way.

I paid with my bank visa debit card… not a credit card.

If I recall correctly, Epic stated that they would be adding support for different methods of purchasing, such as PayPal, in the future.

I’m poor too.But! If you really want something you will get it ,just don’t sit on ur (sorry) ***,move!
P.s I personally didn’t have a card but for this Engine went to the bank and made it! Very simply ,little money,only 19$ .(I also don’t earn much money but 19 $ ,seriously ,nowadays it’s not a money)

Sadly there isn’t a way without money. You can pay the $20 once and then cancel to keep the engine in its current state, then when you have more, start your subscription again to get updates.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think paying $19 is his problem, even if ur pour anyone can pay $19. the problem is the credit card, especially for some of us living in third world countries. I have 2 visa cards and another card credit. All 3 were declined, even tried my brothers card, also declined. I’m beginning to doubt if any bank in my country will be accepted… I’m just about to giveup.

“Credit Card” is kind of over used word for this, all you need a payment card that Epic can handle (Visa, MasterCard etc.) that supports electronic transactions and got CVV2 security code on the back. Many banks have many kind of offers for those, pre-paid cards, virtual cards and some even giving Visa and MasterCard as a normal payment cards, so it’s not that hard to get those (atleast in my bank :p).

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