No Control in GameModeBase , but control inThirdPersonBluePrint

Hi guys, i have this problem where my switching character animation is performing pretty well when i hit " Play " and the spawn GameMode is on ThirdPersonController.

But when i put the BluePrint directly on the map, and put the spawnGameMode, into GameModeBase, and not into “ThridPc” , it do not detect the animation trigger, (my left bouton clic)

I want to put the blueprint directly because i move my character with a motion suit. But its like the gameMode ThirdPersonController, detect input, and when i try to go on GameModeBase it do not detect any input that are in the blueprint.

Hope you understood my problem

Oh thanks for your reponses, yep the posses : Player 0 was it, i can now control my blueprint with input enabled !

But now i got a new problem with the capsule not following my character, sorry for asking but it was unexpected xx

So my animation (explosion when switching character) play aside of my character instead of on him !

if maybe you know a solution here is what its look like :

thanks again man