No Content in Marketplace

There is no content is appearing in the Epic Launcher > Unreal Engine > Marketplace tab.

When browsing the Unreal Marketplace via the web the console shows “502 - Bad Gateway” errors for jquery:

Are other people seeing this problem too? I’m on Windows 10 and have cleared by browser cache, and check DNS servers. All other sites appear to be fine.

Yes… I am seeing this exact thing as well. I’ve confirmed the error in Windows 10 Chrome and Edge, on OSX-Chrome, and on my Android (Samsung browser).

What’s really driving me nuts is that it seems to be working fine when I connect via my phone’s data plan (turning off wifi). I was trying to figure out if it was something on my ISPs side of things, but if you are seeing it too maybe not?

At any rate, I put a support ticket in with the Unreal Marketplace people.

Maybe it’s something to do with UE5 EA launch… I am still getting errors in the (Updated) launcher and in Chrome too.

Content now appears in the Epic Game Launcher and I was able to download a material but the problem still exists in the browser for me. I had also submitted a support ticket so hopefully it will be fixed everywhere soon.

… And it’s broken again. :-/ (May 26 2021 at 8am PST)

Are you still seeing this? No changes here… it’s becoming a real problem as I can’t update any of my marketplace purchases.

It’s very annoying. I’m in the middle of a project and can’t download any assets. It looks like a simple problem of JQuery not being available on their CDN… not sure why it is taking so long to fix this. At the very least they could just include jquery with their other scripts rather than serve it with the CDN.

Have been having this issue for a few weeks now - no resolution as of yet.

Hi JTJones,
I’m on Telus in B.C. as well! That must be part of the problem. I’m going to give Telus a call to see if they are blocking the CDN or if it’s on the CDN side.

Incidentally, my workaround has been to visit the store on my phone and then add items and pay for items. The new items do end up appearing in the Epic Launcher after a short period.

Thanks for the insights!

Yeah, this is killing me… I’ve been back and forth with their support team a few times. There is no way this is affecting everyone, which is even weirder… for some reason there are a few of us that can’t access jQuery on that CDN. I’ve even pinged the CDN url directly and it seems fine. I have been pretty screwed for the last two weeks. :confused:

Okay, I think this is DNS related somehow… On a hunch I decided to try connecting to a non-local VPN and it works fine now. Could it be an ISP or local thing maybe? I am in British Columbia, Canada and I am using Telus as an ISP, for what it’s worth.

If you are interested in this “fix” you can grab a VPN service like NordVPN and try it out. I think there are free VPN providers out there too, but they scare me…

Nice! Glad there are more of us here in Beautiful BC.

Yes! Great to be here in BC.

I just spent about 90 mins on the phone with Telus and they could not find a problem on their network (they would say that though!). Unfortunately unless someone at Epic figures this out, I don’t have much confidence that it’s going to get solved anytime soon.

I have also examined the assignment writing service this issue last month. But it’s finally done and I am seeing content right over here.

I’m not surprised, honestly. Even getting to a tech that knows what we are talking about and what the issue might be would be tough.

At least the VPN fix works. And once the marketplace has been visited once and the browser (or Epic hub) has cached jQuery locally you don’t even need to be on the VPN to browse.

I just got an email saying that this issue has been fixed and the marketplace looks like it is working for me after clearing my browser cache. Yay!