No concave collision meshes?

So am I understanding the limitations of the Unreal Engine correctly? We cannot use a concave triangle mesh as a static collision object?

I’m hoping I’m just misunderstanding what I’ve read. Perhaps this limitation only applies to dynamic objects? That would make more sense. Otherwise, how are you guys creating collision for lumpy/bumpy, static, non-terrain foundations and such? Or how would you go about defining collision for a skating halfpipe? Developers definitely need a mechanism to define non-convex collision geometry.

Most of the physics engines I’ve messed around with support triangle geometry (of any type) as static collision. In fact, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to see Unreal convert the render mesh into (complex) collision geometry without having the ability to do this internally.

If Unreal can actually handle these types of meshes in the form of static geometry, how do we go about importing them? The manual defines the UCX_* prefix as convex only, right?

Thanks for any advice!

unreal don’t support that, you need to manually add collision’s or changes the values under Convex Decompos: