No compiler was found

I followed the instructions from A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums where I cloned the Qt Creator plugin to Engine/Plugins/Developer, edited LinuxEngine.ini, and did “make UE4Editor”.

However I still get the error “No compiler was found. In order to use C++ code, you must first install an IDE to edit source code.”

I checked under editor preferences, and Qt Creator is selected as the source code editor.

As Hotfix: UE is looking for KDevelop by default, so maybe just install that until that issue is pointed out. You can after the creation still use QtCreator etc.

Until now, any fix for this problem, and i can’t work with QtCreator, i have some problems and QtCreate doesn’t build my project :’(

i have this in the General messages:

Could not find qmake configuration file default.
Error while parsing file /media/tulipan/Datos/Proyectos/Personal/Unreal Projects/Hero/ Giving up.
Warnings while parsing QML type information of /home/tulipan/Qt/5.5/gcc_64/qml:
:1:24: Reading only version 1.1 parts.
:10:5: Expected only Component and ModuleApi object definitions.