No compiler was found.In order to use a C++ template, you must first install Xcode.

Please help! I cannot use my Macbook pro as my development pc anymore.

What happened :
I was using UE4.18.3 for a few days. It was fine. I used CLion with plugins. It crashed (my C++ code try to access a null’s properties). After I restarted it, the compile button went missing. I cannot compile my existing project anymore. And when I tried to create a new project, it says as in my header.

My environment :
Macbook Pro 2017

What I have tried so far :
Uninstalling and reinstalling Xcode
Uninstalling 4.18.3 and reinstall
Install 4.19.0 Preview 3
Install 4.17
Remove Epic Launcher and all UE and reinstall
Right click on .ulauncher and generate xcode project.

Please help! I really have no idea how to continue.
Thanks for any help you can provide