No Compiler Found, but VS2017 is installed

I have Visual Studios 2017 installed including the UE4 installer but it says no compiler found in the project launcher. What’s wrong with it?

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I got it to recognize me having a C++ compiler by going into system properties and changing the environment variable in system Variables for VS140 to my current VS2017 install tools location, but then I get a failure to create item error.

Running C:/Program Files/Epic Games/UE_4.18/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe TestProject Development Win64 -project=“C:/Users/HunterJBlake/Documents/TestProject/TestProject.uproject” -editorrecompile -progress -NoHotReloadFromIDE
Performing full C++ include scan (building a new target)
Creating makefile for TestProject (no existing makefile)
@progress push 5%
Parsing headers for TestProjectEditor
Running UnrealHeaderTool “C:\Users\HunterJBlake\Documents\TestProject\TestProject.uproject” “C:\Users\HunterJBlake\Documents\TestProject\Intermediate\Build\Win64\TestProjectEditor\Development\TestProjectEditor.uhtmanifest” -LogCmds=“loginit warning, logexit warning, logdatabase error” -Unattended -WarningsAsErrors -installed
Reflection code generated for TestProjectEditor in 15.9835253 seconds
@progress pop
Performing 9 actions (4 in parallel)
[3/9] Resource PCLaunch.rc
[2/9] Resource ModuleVersionResource.rc.inl
[8/9] Link UE4Editor-TestProject.dll
[9/9] Link UE4Editor-TestProject.lib
Creating library C:\Users\HunterJBlake\Documents\TestProject\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\UE4Editor-TestProject.lib and object C:\Users\HunterJBlake\Documents\TestProject\Intermediate\Build\Win64\UE4Editor\Development\UE4Editor-TestProject.exp
LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘ws2_32.lib’
ERROR: UBT ERROR: Failed to produce item: C:\Users\HunterJBlake\Documents\TestProject\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor-TestProject.dll

Hi, I’ve had an awful run with this, hopefully this helps you:
Hope you get this fixed.