No collisions on meshes/actors generated from spline on Android shipping build

Hi guys, I’m having difficulties with missing collisions on meshes/actors generated from spline on Shipping build on Android. I’m using simple blueprint for generating actors from spline with box collision as invisible wall and I’m also using spline to generate mesh obstacles. When I launch the game on mobile from the editor the collisions works fine. The problem is with shipping build for Android. Then the collisions are missing and what is strange - sometime they are missing, sometimes they are not, only thing I do is just relaunch the build on the mobile. I’ve tested it on more mobiles but the result is the same. Not sure if it could be memory problem or something else since the shipping build is not optimalized yet and have more than 1GB in size, however all other staff works pretty well.
I’ve got Runtime PhysX cooking plugin enabled, meshes Collision Complexity is set up as “Use Simple Collision as Complex”, but still no luck. Also I’m sure all collisions presets are set up right since they are working well when I put them in scene separatly instead of spline. SDK/NDK version is 21, also tried SDK version 24.
I would appreciate any help!

Looks like I’ve fixed the problem with upgrading UE to 4.22.3. However I got new bugs now with SphereTraceForObjects is not working and need workaround, and android is asking for storage permission when the project launch even with checked “Use External Files Dir” which was fine before the upgrade. But at least something…