No collision on player while standing still

Hi everyone!

I’ve read alot on this subject and I know that if the Player Capsule is set to Pawn, it won’t have any collision while idle/standing still.

The main problem is this:
I have a door with an Open/Close animation.
If I Open the door AND move against it during the animation, the player is smoothly pushed to the side.
If I Open the door while NOT moving, the door will start to clip through the character and jerk the player aside in large increments.
(I assume it detects that it’s inside another object and tries to correct its position)

First of all, I changed the collision presets on both the character and the door to all possible combinations but nothing seems to make a difference.
Then I tried adding a Hit Event and use that to pause the OpeningAnimation if colliding with player, but the Hit Event won’t fire if the player is idle/standing still.

Another thing is that I would like the Physics Asset of the character affect the capsule.
Basically, some character animations makes the head(Camera) move outside the capsule, like crawling or bending forward.
This, of course, results in camera clipping through walls.
So if the Physics Asset of the player would collide and push the capsule away so the animation can take place without problems, that would be great!

If anyone have any suggestion on either one of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated!

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Search for PHAT

I’ve made a physics asset for the character and it works as far as it can collide with other physics objects. (Collision with other physics objects collide with the asset and not the PlayerCapsule, so that part looks great)
But it has no impact on movement.
I’ve tried adding a simple cube with collision in front of the character just to test things out, but the PlayerCapsule always seem to overwrite these functions.

Perhaps that helps? Enable physics just drops ? - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums
This channelstuff is cool, to test things out. Use print string, when overlapping on both actors, to see, what is happening and where.
When using overlap stuff, it has to be activated on both actors(gen. overl. events).

Hey, It works!..sort of.
With this I can at least trick the door into stopping when overlapped by the Physics asset of the character.
There was a few problems so decided to go with a fully simulated physics door instead and it seems to work fine as long as the Player Capsule isn’t set to “Pawn”.
I didn’t know you could add your own physics presets (though I guess I suspected it was possible somehow), but that’s a really great function to have for custom collision and trace with certain items!

Still, the problem with the Char. Physics Asset not being able to influence movement (Not clipping camera through walls and such with certain animations) still remains.

Anyhow, Thanks a lot for your help!
I’m fairly new to UE and the fact that the community is so active and helpful is just awesome!

Many ways, but think about being pushed around by a physic object.
From my point of view you have to make such a big capsule, to prevent glitching, that it looks and feels bad, and only to handle doors.

Option - When in front of door and Key “xyz” is pressed, port to (move to/transform to location).
Measure a distance, where the player has to stand exactly, when animation is played/key is pressed/door is opened.
Change animation to always pushed back by player(option?)
Port player to that location. You can make a smooth transition/animation or milisecondteleport.

There are many working, but more complicated ways, like setting up some sort of volume, where the playerposition is checked, in the moment the door collision overlap happens.
Then you have some vectors you could do the same teleport, but i bet, there are x dazillion ways, which i do not know.
When you are smart, pack it into one blueprint (reusability).

Prepare - Test your physical door, in different locked animation states in your level.
You can glitch into, without animation played. Look for asset bounds options, play with them.
Create inside Phys asset editor PHAT a collisionbox and try again.
PHAT Link Fat thing
Physical assets have a collision “frame” around them(collision primitive), in the rest position(!), so far i understand.
When the animation is played, is your collision box at the right spot?
Play with that stuff, there you can fix your problem too, but when you can get pushed into a wall or another static object through that door, weird things still happen.
Try very basic objects, to understand what is happening, it is helpful/important in many ue cases.
Sry for worst case rusty english. ^^

I was a year ago “freshmeat” too, now i leveled up to “rotten freshmeat with basic knowledge of breathing”…
Even if it sounds weird, i am very happy that i could answer easy questions on my own now(sometimes with githubhelp, because i forget things…), because i encountered similar problems in the past.

I wanted my character to be pushed by moving things in the world but it would only work when the character is moving. So I added a negligible amount of movement to my character on every tick, so technically he always moves but the amount of movement is so small that it is not noticeable. It worked fine, now my moving blocks push my character around even when he is standing still.


That is cool ^^

Most likely I’ll try to setup some function to check Phys.Asset overlap on the head with static objects and “Teleport” the player backwards, as one of your suggestions Luftbauch.
It’s a first person game with a full body (you can see your own feet and everything) and when I bend forward in certain settings the character just smashes his head right through the wall… so it’s not just with the door function.
But I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner or later! =)

No worries! I’m Swedish so I don’t really notice unless it’s really, REALLY bad!

Haha! Hmm… it’s not really "Fresh"meat if it’s rotten… Still, sounds great!

That’s not a bad idea.
I changed my Capsule from Pawn to WorldDynamic and it seems to work fine now when standing still. (as far as I can tell)
Though it might be unnecessarily heavy on the system… Not sure!

Anyways, Thanks to both of you for all the tips and tricks!