No collision between vehicles when using Mathworks Interface plugin

Hi, everyone. I’m new to Unreal, trying to visualize the simulations in Matlab/Simulink with the Mathworks Interface plugin. My UE version is 4.19.

My problem is:
The two default vehicles overlap when spawned at the same location. The skeletal component attached to the Sim3dPassVeh pawn belongs to Vehicle type. It has collision box and is set to Collision Enabled to vehicle, but vehicles just go through each other. Even if they are spawned at different locations, they will not collide. But they can collide with other objects such as static meshes. The settings are as below:


If I enable Simulate Physics, it will collide with roads while losing control and rolling around.

Does anyone know how to enable the collision between the vehicles in Mathworks Interface?
Thanks a lot.

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Did you figured it out? I have the problem that nothing collides with each other. The DoubleLaneChange Example always seems to appear (cones and props) and it interacts with it but not or only partly interacts with new mashes i put in the scene… Also when I hit start all the actors of the DoubleLane Example generate it selfe