No clue how to import cars

So I am trying to import a car, starting out as a blank project and trying to import fbx file. If I don’t group all the parts of the car together in blender it imports over 100 files, if I group them it’s fine. Do I need to group the body and the wheels, or keep both as 2 seperate parts? In this tutorial, they already have Screenshot - 4f855e52054edba8b88ff9d6ce47c56c - Gyazo all of that stuff. When I got to the PhAT it just gives me this. Screenshot - 92b4aad0c34e73f5dccd707e381fe523 - Gyazo Can you guys link me to some tutorials to help me out, or tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank You!

Hi isk8alot,

Have you watched our Vehicles in UE4 series on YouTube yet?

If that doesn’t help this other user created tutorial may be of assistance.


ok you can have a look at my blender_udk tutorials which show how to set up the rig, the work flow is nearly the same but “VERY” important is to have the root bone at 0,0,0 , parent all the wheel/suspension bones to the root bone any others can be linked/parented normally.
just remember the scale of UE4.

i might be inclined to do some new tut’s since blender 2.71 really improves the fbx workflow