No Cloth Simulation in UE5, but works in UE4

Not certain what is missing. All plugins appear to be enabled. Clothing settings applied Using Chaos*Factory. Heres a video of the drape/cape working in UE4. Open to any suggestions. Thank You in advance.


  1. Open DefaultEngine.ini.
  2. Find the line/section [ConsoleVariables].
  3. Modify p.ClothPhysics=0 to p.ClothPhysics=1.
  4. Save DefaultEngine.ini.
  5. Restart the Project​.

Did you find a solution?. Im having the same issue, my gothik knight character works perfect in ue4.27 and after upgrading to 5,
Simulation not showing up on the character.

But its visible on the skeleton preview…

Hi @anonymous_user_034ddce1, Unfortunately not yet. I’ve seen other videos using Matrix and Cloth Sim together, so im thinking it may be a hardware issue.

Considering Faking it with Traditional Animation / Physics.

Solved issue with traditional Skeletal-Mesh/Key-framed Animation:

Task Completed by NeoxEntertainment.

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