No Character animation replication when attached


when i attach a Character to a Blueprint the animations on client view does not work properly. The Animation stucks in the first animation pose e.g. idel or run an stay there. On server side, the client animations are played well.

Repo Steps:

  1. Create new ThirdPerson Example
  2. Create new Actor Blueprint and place it somewhere in the level
  3. In MyCharacter Event Graph attach the Character to the created Blueprint

  1. Start with 2 players
  2. Move server player around and watch the client view

I’am using the 4.6.1-2386410 release

Thanks in advance

Hi Oliver,

Is your Actor Blueprint set to Replicate?

Hi Ben,
yes, the Blueprint is set to Replicate.

Hi Oliver,

Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this behavior in 4.6.1 as well as our internal build, so I entered a bug report for the developers (UE-9574). I’ll let you know when I see any update. Thanks!

Hi Ben,

Thank you too, hope to hear from you soon :wink:

I believe I am having the same problem where the client triggered animations don’t appear in the server window but it works in the other direction. When I try using 3 players, the client triggered animations don’t appear in the other client windows either. Is this the same problem?

I believe so, yes.