No brushes available for the landscape

Hi all!

How to make available texturing landscape by brushes(textures) if i used a splatmap and lerp?
I tried to use LandScapeLayerBlend, but channels looks very muddy - i see grass under the rock texture and other. All textures are just mixing, lerp gives more realistic results.

P.S. I’m new in UE4.

Still actual problem…

You have to somehow add landscape layer weights nodes -> on youtube you can find some tutorials about that topic (unreal engine 4 world machine) :slight_smile:

Check out this documentation: https://docs.unrealengine/latest/INT/Engine/Landscape/Materials/index.html

You need to tell UE what the different layers are, it can’t just magically know that a certain part of your material is stone and another one is grass unless you specifically tell it which part of your material is which layer.