No bones in FBX imported from Blender 2.76b

I’ve managed to pull this off once, but haven’t been able to recreate it.

I have an armature and a mesh, with a slew of animations. I package them into an FBX file, and import it into Unreal. The mesh is fine, and all the animations show up (they don’t actually save unless I edit them in some way, by the way), but the skeleton has no bones whatsoever. When I had a successful import, I left all the settings alone: I’ve tried not touching anything in following imports, but the skeleton still vanishes. Tweaking values at near-random hasn’t yielded any progress, so I’ll ask you all how I can amend my process.

How can I import an FBX from Blender that retains its skeleton? How is the skeleton is being lost?

try that