No Blueprint API examples ?

As far as I can tell the API has no blueprint examples or am I just not looking in the right place ?
Sure you can find some sporadic blueprint examples around but nothing linked to the API and certainly nothing conclusive.
Blueprint seems to have its own separate logic and its far removed from the Unity JavaScript i’m used to so i’m finding it very hard going getting patches to work.
Any suggestions for getting things to work as i’ve asked questions but still hitting brick walls it seems.

There are several you tube series on Blueprints on the Unreal Engine page. They cover just about everything. Also there are quite a few tutorials and downloads here if you check around the forum. It is a bit odd but you have to remember Unity is more of a mobile game system whereas I think UE4 is more of a console/desktop system so it’s going to be different in many respects. You have to just power through, follow the instructions and then you’ll find yourself predicting the next step and realize you’re getting it.

I can’t find anything for the subjects I need hence the posts. Mobile dev is not my bag, i’m doing high level physics simulations and need help patching input controls to physics forces. Nothing I can find online is any help so far but yes I shall be powering on :wink:

You are looking for solution to exactly your problems. Follow tutorials about blueprints, learn them, else you will get even more questions on your next step in project.
There are tutorials that show exactly what you need, but its always just one or two very simple bits of what you need.

For example to add force to rigid body, you create blueprint with that body, apply physics model to it, then you add thruster object. And you control that thruster when you want add some forces.

Docs about physics: Physics Content Examples | Unreal Engine Documentation

Even if there is no ready to use solution for your project, you will get all keywords to use in google.

I was confused for few days about why my object does not react to physics based forces, it turned out that i did not enabled physics for that object.
You may also do everything correctly but some small hidden property may be set to “no physics”.
I think tutorial about “physics spaceship has it all explained step by step” or just load that example and see how it is done. Its in input examples.

Hi steadiworkz,

Here are a few of the blueprint documentation pages and video tutorials we currently have available. I would also highly recommend looking through the content examples sample project and the blueprint office sample project, as these have many great examples of what you can do via blueprints.

Well yes and no, I have followed many tutorials, example projects etc and i’m still getting more and more confused. I originally learned how to do what I needed with simple code in Unity see below -

var spinforce : int = 100;

function FixedUpdate () {

var yRotation : float = Input.GetAxis (“Horizontal”)*spinforce *Time.deltaTime ;

rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque (0,yRotation,0);

Now trying to do the same thing in blueprints is driving me insane !

Create blueprint with the body “check”
Apple physics model “check” I’m guessing you mean apply a collision model and tick simulate physics ?
Add thruster object ?? I almost stopped reading here but after a quick google I find the node your talking about, not sure how to connect it though unfortunately.
If you could show me a blueprint example I would be really thankful at this stage.

What I have doesn’t seem to work -

Thanks for that, i’m still very lost and looking inside content examples seems like looking for a needle in a haystack, everything seems way over complicated and its very frustrating.

My original point was take something like Rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque
When I use unity I look in the API and I find this - Unity - Scripting API: Rigidbody.AddRelativeTorque
It tells me everything I need to know to get things working in script, if you look at my last post I show an example where I use this code in my input script.
With blueprints i’m lost looking into hundreds of nodes in content example that seem to bare no or little relation to the actual Physx commands they relate too.
Can anybody see where i’m coming from ?
Better still can somebody recreate my script in a simple blueprint so I can learn from it ?

Ok problem solved !
I’d somehow missed the example ball project that perfectly answers this question, many thanks to a members on a facebook group.
I’ve modified the code slightly to include delta time so its not framerate dependent.