No bloom on Android

Mobile bloom (and some other post-effects) doesn’t work on some devices.
That works on Xiamo Mi Max (Adreno 510):

But doesn’t works on Prestigio Muze D3 (Mali-400 MP2):

I have


in my DefaultDeviceProfiles.ini.

Also I tried this:

Can I fix this?

Many visual effects don’t work on various mobile platforms. Is there a specific claim somewhere that bloom should work on those devices?

Bloom doesn’t work on Mali-400 devices because they do not support floating point framebuffers. We have to emulate floating point for such low-end devices, but our emulation method does not support bloom.

It should work on all modern devices with recent firmware.

Can you explain why native written apps show bloom effect but Ue4 cannot

As stated above, we don’t support bloom on Mali-400 because the device doesn’t support floating point framebuffers. We need floating point framebuffers (or an emulation method) for the physically-based rendering calculations UE4 performs, and the Mali-400 GPU doesn’t have the features we require.