No Binaries folder in ARK Dev Kit

basically what the title says. I have re downloaded twice to make sure it was not just an error. all the videos I have watched said I needed to put 2 executables into a binaries sub folder. I thought maybe it would work if I made it myself but it did not.

Download the whole .zip from github. Then just click & drag the Engine folder from the .zip into your Engine folder in the Dev Kit. Tell it to copy over everything that is present already, and you are done. Not sure why you are just looking for the Binaries folder. You should have an Engines folder.

I have one of them, the videos I watched were not that clear. it looked like they just moved 2 files into a pre existing binaries folder, thanks for clarifying it works now.

Ah, never actually watched it myself. But yeah, just do it the way I explained every time there is a Dev Kit version update and you will be problem free in terms of this issue :slight_smile: