No Backwards Compatibility?

I just subscribed and downloaded 4.5.1
I am cruising the learn tab on the launcher and I can’t use the “Features Tour 2014” unless I also install 4.4.3??? I clicked the download for the content and there was only the one version listed so I clicked download anyway expecting to still be able to open the content on a newer version but I am told I can’t.
Should I download it? Will I be able to look through it with 4.5.1 or not?

You can open projects made in an older version with a newer version of the editor, but not the other way around. So you can download that 4.4.3 project and open it in 4.5 without a problem.

  • modulo code changes. If APIs change, they often have to be updated in the old version. BP-only projects are usually fine.

I decided to give it a shot anyway. Works just fine in spite of the warning. Thank you :cheers: