No Audio in Sequencer

Maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe it’s a bug. Hard to tell without proper documentation.

I have a sequencer and I’ve added both an Audio Track as well as the Wave file Audio Actor. I can’t seem to do anything with the audio track.

With the Audio Actor, I can add an Audio Component (such as VolumeMultiplier) but that is about it

I can’t get the Sequencer to playback the audio.


Any luck with this?

The solution was to add the the audio asset to my level and then click on the green ADD+ button and add the asset from the list. If the asset is already selected in the level, then it will appear at the top of the like.

Now you should see a waveform of your audio in the sequencer, and you can scrub and play back



But once I do like you said, there’s no sequencer track to start/stop the audio :frowning: It has ones for pitch and volume which are great and all but i just want to start/stop it.

I don’t think there are start and stop, at least not in 4.11, but I could be wrong. You can right click on the waveform and trim or split the track. if you drag these trim points, they effectively become start and stop.

Does this work with a sound cue?

Yes it works, so with the sound cue you can control the audio track.