No Audio Debug?!

no matter what I try, I cant seem to get Audio Debugging going. Nothing happens no matter the command I type in (au.Debug.SoundMixes 1 etc.).

Is it just that CVar thats not working? have you tried others, such as
au.3dVisualize.Enabled 1

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Thanks for the reply. That command actually seems to work. I used to use au.Debug.Soundmixes 1 all the Time in Unreal Engine 4. I found a post, that suggested that it might has something to do with the Hud and Gamemode. I also tried “stat soundmixes” which used to be the command, but its only giving me the message that its deprecated, so that doesnt work either.

If you try:

au.Debug.SoundMixes 1 -AllViews

That will make sure its not a viewport issue (its unlikely, but worth a go). If it doest do anything then ensure to run it again , as its a toggle, and you may have toggled it off on first use.

I guess next question is, are you using audio modulation instead of Soundmixes?

Also, this document may be useful for a full list of Cvars

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You are the man!
“au.Debug.SoundMixes 1 -AllViews” did it. Also au.Debug_SoundCues is working now aswell.
Those were the two I noticed not showing up.

Thanks again for resolving the issue.

I’m just wondering, what do you mean with audio modulation instead of Soundmixes?
I’m just aware of Sound Class Mixes.

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Great, glad its sorted

Regarding audio modulation - its a way of controlling parameters and audio mixing that can be used instead of (or as well as) Sound Classes and mixes. Personally i find it a much smoother workflow for large projects

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Gonna look into that, thanks.

Dan Reynolds has probably the best video on it (as expected!), its worth ust digging into it and seeing what you can do with it

Good luck and enjoy

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