No Audio Capture Device Found On Android

I’m trying to capture the microphone input on the Oculus Go which is android based, but the engine can’t find audio capture devices while the project is running on the headset. In the viewport everything is fine.

I’m using the new audio engine, which I know is still in beta, but seems to be working for other people on the internet.
New audio engine is enbaled for both windows and android, permission to record audio is given and checked at runtime returning true on the headset, however, when I ask for the Out Devices array of Enumerate Audio Capture Devices, it’s empty.
I’ve tried both 4.20 and 4.21 but either gave me the same results.

Suggestion on what could I do?

upping question

upping again

I’m having the same problem on macOS, but even in the editor I’m getting no devices when trying to enumerate them.

I’m trying to do something similar with the Oculus Quest. No luck so far either.