No Assets are listed (or can be selected) as an item image image in Blueprint (ParentClass Actor) for a default Value of a Variable

Hi gamedeveloper and those who may will become one,

I’m a bloody newbie here in UE4, so I would be grateful for help of any kind.
Here is my problem:

Right now I’m trying to implement a small inventory system to my project and created therefore a blueprint. The Bp itself is not an issue but when I want to connect the default value of my variable to an icon, the list is empty and makes no attempts to change its mind to show me some assets :frowning:
(Empty list in the right corner on the

I tried to change view options, drag and drop of the texture image and click on every button which is clickable and visible. It doesn’t obbey my orders -.-

Please help me to get the control back over the machines, before they start an open rebellion against mankind.

Thanks guys (and ladies) for your replies… For the sake of all human beings and sweet puppies, help me…