No Animations

Unreal Engine 4.27.1
I cannot change the mesh of the ThirdPersonCharacter and get it to animate. It always has the default T-pose (or maybe it is A-pose) while it moves around. This happens no matter which mesh I use. I’ve followed the steps in several videos to swap out the mesh and use the default third person animations, but still nothing.

Steps I’ve taken:

Try 1:
Edit the Blueprint of the ThirdPersonCharacter, changing the Skeletal Mesh and then the Anim Class to ThirdPerson_AnimPB_C, with Animation Mode being “Use Animation Blueprint”.

Try 2:
Find the character mesh, right click, go to Skeleton → Assign Skeleton. I tried assigning the skeleton named after the character. I also tried assigning the UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton. Both provided the same results, which is nothing. After this I clicked on the character actor, switched the mesh, and changed the Anim Class. Nothing.

Every Skeletal Mesh I use says it is rigged for the Epic skeleton. They have videos showing that they are and I follow those videos, but it doesn’t work for me.

I’ve obviously tried more than the two attempts described above, but I can’t figure out why following the steps above won’t work for me.

Any ideas how to get it working?


Today, for whatever reason, repeating Try 2 as outlined above, worked. I was able to do this for two different meshes, so I’m not quite sure what the issue was the last few times I tried. I did everything the same. Weird that it worked this time, but not the initial tries, but I’m glad everything is now working as intended.