No animation playback in Sequencer?

I’m trying to record live gameplay within sequencer. It appears to correctly capture the player animation (in the content browser I can open and preview the animation), however, the track in sequencer doesn’t seem to animate.

It looks like the animation track is there but in the viewport (and render) the player doesn’t play the animation.

Any ideas?

Edit: Solved it by adding a new track to the mesh, “animation mode”, and setting that to use animation asset (not anim BP). I think this should be default for characters / anything recorded live really.


I would have NEVER known this. Thank you for writing this! It would have taken be days to figure out instead of the 30 minutes before finding this post.

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Several years later - still relevant. Thank you, man.

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Hi, I’m from the future. I can’t believe how convoluted getting this basic stuff working is, but thank you for posting this! Worked great for me. Can’t believe more people aren’t running into this issue.