No android build option?


Ok so I just got UE4, which I forked from GitHub, I wanted to make my game for android but I cant seem to locate any trace of android support.

This is a big file and my capped internet wont let me download again, any way to compile the source code with android?

[Running Windows 8.1]


Seeing as you got iOS under platforms I am going to assume you are on a mac right now.
UE4 does not support android development on a mac at the moment. That might change in the future though.


Actually, surprisingly, I’m on windows 8.1!

me too on 8.1 I and did not get android option. But I installed tadp after I’ve build engine. I am rebuilding engine now in hope that it will help. And btw also gettin iOS option

Your setup is probably wrong. Make sure you specified the right paths - read this

It’s not strictly required to use TADP, but try to use the latest android ndk and sdk then.
(I had an old one which didn’t had ndk-build.cmd file but cygwin’s ndk-build - it didn’t work with the engine)

You must run GenerateProjectFiles.bat again, otherwise your solution configuration will be wrong and it won’t build android binaries at all (though you’ll see android device inside UEditor but you won’t be able to deploy without .apk).

If everything is done right, you’ll see ‘Android’ target platform inside Visual Studio toolbar.

thanks for details

where do you run GenerateProjectFiles.bat from?

Rebuilding the engine won’t help, you just need to regenerate projects after installing TADP.

Root of the engine installation from where you cloned GitHub to.

It worked! You sir… Deserve a cookie!

Do you mean with “regenerate project” to create a new project?

Running GenerateProjectFiles.bat and rebuilding Unreal Engine fixed problem for me. But I had to perform this step to get packging actually work:
build Unreal Engine one more time with target “Development” and platform “Android”.

Rebuild is work :slight_smile:

May I know how to install the android sdk to work with Unreal Engine 4?
I have seen the documentation but it used nvidia sdk.I already have the android sdk in my c drive. what to do next?
Please give a step by step answer asap…

Exactly the same way as it’s done with tdk.
The official guide has all the required info about this.

You need both android-sdk and android-ndk, jdk and ant, then you must setup all environment variables in your OS, here is the guide.

Well you really don’t need the tegra sdk if you have all required parts installed already.
Probably you just forgot to install some of the requred tools or your NDK was too old or your environment variables were wrong, so tdp just installed everything on top and everything is working now.

Thank you for the help . I have followed the steps all I missed was nvidia sdk because I thought It was not needed . When I installed it i got android in package options.

Oh ya may be… But now I cant Package apk It gives this error “can’t make an apk without the compiled .so”… any idea how to fix this??? Thanks

can’t make an apk without the compiled .so ← same thing happens to me as well and compiling undeal solution for Development Android fails.

uninstalled everything, reinstalled the latest NVPACK from Nvidia site no the bundled one with custom instalation according to the getting started website and the updated with Android SDK Manager. Built solutions again.
This time i could build the Developer Android Solution and then the Editor.
I now have the .so file and everything is working fine.