No "Allow USB Debugging" handshake


I have been following the guides setting up my PC for Android Development, and recently got my first Android Phone (or phone ever, lol don’t ask I’m just crazy) and was setting it up following this page;

Everything was going fine until step 13. When I unplugged & plugged my device back in there was no confirmation to allow my computer. I went back to ensure the setting was on in the developer menu, it was. Checked in cmd for the device with no results, both on Media and Picture mode. I tested running the install .bat created with the export from the Unreal Editor, and it still gave the “No Devices” error.

The device is a “Doogee X5 Max Pro” running their Android 6.0. It’s a $100 CAD phone from china, I’m guessing that may be the problem… But as mentioned I have literally never used android before, let alone a phone lol, so I might just be overlooking something? If necessary I am 100% ready to “root” the phone, but no idea where to find a valid OS replacement for this hardware. Thanks either way & sorry to bug you!


I posted a CPUz validation via the device in case this helps. CPU-Z VALIDATOR

Sometimes you have to toggle USB debugging in the developer menu off and on again to get the phone to ask to authorize the computer.

I’ve noticed sometimes changing the usb connection type from media/photo sharping to charging only & back + forgetting existing usb authorizations is required to jog the authorization screen as well

I Think you should Root your phone. You can seach address root phone have hight trust on internet. I think so. Random. RIP You.

About rooting: while rooted phones are nice, don’t do it if you aren’t experienced with rooting. Also, rooting literally has no impact on what you’re trying to do.

Secondly, this happens sometimes. If it was working before it’s probably not a driver issue.

Try the following in no particular order:

  • Unplug, turn debugging off, turn debugging on, plug back in.
  • Change transfer type(though shouldn’t matter).
  • Restart computer.
  • Restart phone.