No acces to:


probably is a stupid question, but why can I not acces this page?

I get this message, with all websites that start with:
You don’t have permission to access /questions/910211/dx12-mode-makes-editor-crash.html on this server.

Thank you!

Not a stupid question. And often, I can trace it to a common backend problem which causes it… but in your case, I don’t see anything wrong on the backend.

When nothing is obvious, I tend to suspect issues with browser cache/cookies. Try any/all of these:

  • Log out of your account and check
  • log out & into your account and check
  • try on a different browser, or Chrome incognito mode, or on a mobile phone
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies (optionally, just clear it for

thanks for your answer…no way to make it work with firefox…cleared all cahe and history, logged in again, but still not working

but with chrome I have acces to the server…any ideas?

Is Firefox using an ad-blocker which may be having an impact?

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Just to let you know the Filmmaking links here don’t forward properly either (link to PDF works but not the other two).

EDIT: Strike that, they’re now working again it seems… :slight_smile:

Sorry for necroing this thread, but this is what comes up on google for this issue so I thought I’d leave this here for posterity.

Looks like I can’t access if I have my VPN on (or atleast using some of the IPs. I didn’t try many).
AnswerHub probably has some strict flooding rules regarding lots of requests from the same IP or just has blacklisted some VPN IPs.

So to any people having a problem accessing the site using a VPN or other shared IP, try a different IP if possible.