No AA when recording with Sequencer, but fine everywhere else, any idea why?

It happens with or without cinematic mode and scalability checked in the render movie setting. It doesnt seem to matter what my output type is (image, video, etc)

I’ve checked all of the AA and antialias console commands and even have a sequencer event that spits out the AA quality settings in the output window. Theyre all maxed out, but it still looks like there is no AA on the image. Never seen this before from a sequence render.

The rest of the post process settings look good/functional too. Its just AA and only when sequence recording. My view-port and play modes look great.

I have same problem…AA is working good in play mode and in viewport…but when I render cinematic - there is no AA at all.

I think I saw that once, but a restart fixed it
otherwise I render Temporal AA with different filter setting for making it a bit sharper (used to use FXAA till i found the filter setting for temporalAA)
I also do 4k renders and resize to 1080p in post

sometimes you gotta look at settings on the camera and the post process volume before rendering sequencer as well