NIVIDA Android work The manifest file is broken???

Hi all,

After seeing an unreal seen built and package on a android phone i’ve set out try do my own however i’ve been coming across a persistent problem straight off the Bat.

When trying to install android works on my work PC i keep getting an error message without fail saying ‘The manifest file is broken’ however it works and is installed fine on my personal laptop but my laptop isn’t very good and can’t be worked on for 3D development.

My question is has anybody come across this similar problem before with their work desktop and resolved it? Is it possible something is running in the background that is preventing the install?


did you ever solve this problem…?
nothing works here…

Hello there,

I’m using Mac mini and trying to install the “CodeWorksForAndroid_1R5”, but I get the same error as above.

Can anyone help regarding this?

Kind Regards,