Nintendo NX support

The rumor has it that Nintendo NX will have Nvidia Pascal SoC, so I figured if that’s true, then UE4 should be running fine on the new console.

If that’s the case, will UE4 support Nintendo NX ?


Don’t you think it’s a bit too early for asking about that? Even if Epic would plan to support it, they would not announce it before the console is announced officially.

They announced it yesterday, but didn’t give full specs.

All we really know is it will run on a Nvidia Tegra chip. Does that mean the NX will run on some kind of custom Android platform? Too early to tell, but if it does UE4 already supports it. I think it is likely to happen, Nintendo is starting to embrace the mobile platform.

Where did you see an official announcement? I think that stuff yesterday was just one of the usual leaks, but nothing official. Epic probably knows about the console already, but if they do they are under NDA and won’t make anything public before nintendo does.

Ok, let’s speculate then if you don’t think Epic can chime in :slight_smile:

Do you think Epic will support NX if NX comes out with Nvidia SoC ?

If Nintendo care to go after public tools for indies, then they most likely will partner with Unity like they’ve done before.
For anything else, studios can integrate the API by themselves like they always do…

Well… looks like you are correct. It is just speculation from “sources”. With all the flurry of tech specs and details posted on all the usual websites I assumed they announced something. :o

For anyone interested this is what was leaked:

If it’s easy to go from Android to the NX then maybe. Otherwise the issue looks like it won’t have comparable power to PS4 or Xbox One

UE4 runs on Nvidia Shield tablet (Tegra K1) and Tegra X1 SoCs. Pascal SoC will have plenty of juice to run UE4. Not sure why you brought PS4 and XB1 into the picture.

That’s Android though, they would have to adapt it to their OS. The other consoles have more power than Tegra, so if you were making a game for those consoles then you would have to do extra work to get it to run on a Tegra platform.

Sure, it would be more like making a game for a mobile platform rather than PC/console.

It would be smart though if they built it off Android, they would already have a lot of developers. There’s some console games that made their way to the Shield, so it’s probably going to be easier to develop for.