Nintendo Duck Hunt Remake in 3D

I made this project with 3 weeks of UE4 experience. I hope you’ll enjoy it (:

Childhood memories right here, this is really cool actually.

You better allow a cheat to shoot that dog. I’ve been waiting to shoot that dog.
Other than that, good game.

That’s awesome! :smiley:

Hahaha, cool idea :smiley: I tried to focus on the original duck hunt, but I can try making it today :slight_smile:
btw you have some duck hunt dog 3d model assets from Super Mario Bros. for Wii U in

Haha!! This is great :smiley:

Just don’t sell it or anything like that, if you want to give it out free then get some assets that are royalty free. You still can’t sell it because you don’t have the rights to the trademark game originally made or anything.

This is not for sell. I’m just trying to learn basics of UE4 with projects like this which are fun to make. Monetization option in Youtube is disabled too…

Thanks for information btw, I’m still new to “Copyright” notion in Game Industry :slight_smile:

You can’t distribute for free a demo copying Nintendo game with similar models, it is copyrights.

So, Can’t I remake an old atari game because of copyrights? I didn’t put a demo of this game on internet, didn’t even packed it as .exe. I just wanted to show people what I did. If this video is illegal to show to other people, it’s good to know(and if it is, Youtube is full of illegal videos). :frowning:

Nah, the key work in Galeon’s post is ‘distribute’. You can show a video, but you can’t share the project. That said… It’s nintendo… so I won’t be surprised if they send you a cease and desist -.- They are ****ing horrid with that

I hope they won’t :confused: