Ninja_01 MoCap Pack - 167 Ninja Motions

Hi all,

The Ninja 01 Pack is on the Marketplace now, please check it out if you haven’t already.
We just posted a video with every single motion back to back for your reference as requested:

All 167 animations, 6 minutes long. All the locomotion loops are played twice for a better look, I’m guessing about 5.25 minutes of total animation. They are grouped by type and alphabetical order.
We’ll include a ref video for each pack we post here on out if the “show” reel doesn’t include all motions.

Please give us some feed back on what motions you’d like to see in scaled back basic/small pack(s).
We realize the “small studio” price is a bargain for some but definitely too much for lots of folks, so let us know what you would like to see in more affordable packs. We have basic and broken up packs on our site as an example that have sold well elsewhere, we have not broken up the Ninja yet.

we do have a Mobility Pack and others including Rifle, Pistol, Boxing, Zombie and more coming soon; I’ll be posting about them as they come up. The big/full packs will likely be available first with the small packs to follow.
All comments and feedback welcome, we’re all ears. Using the Market page comments is cool, but it has a length limit and a comprehensive reply can be hard with fewer words, so I can give a better reply to a multi-point comment here in the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Check it out…

It features the martial arts and free running talents of Chris Taylor and Brandon Campbell. We first used them on Ninja Toy 2, then reunited them to tear it up for our Ninja mocap pack. Brandon is currently a karate instructor at Lonestar Martial Arts, and Chris part of the bad to the bone Somatic Movement parkour team. It took building tall platforms, several months and many sessions - and a few bruises - to put this together. Hope you guys dig it.


Action Video here:


Your work is top quality and I am grateful that you realise some indies can’t afford your larger packs … so kudos to you for identifying that and proposing a solution. Look forward to seeing your other packs, good job. 8-}

Thanks qdelpeche :slight_smile:

We’ve done custom work for a lot of AAA to small developers over the years, now we’ve been working on giving big or smaller indies and the little guy access at a price we can all live with. We have been breaking up bigger packs according to what we think makes sense, but direct feedback on what most users would want in a smaller pack in their price range could help a lot. We’re listening…

Looks like an amazing pack with a reasonable price. Great job! :slight_smile:

I almost had an infarct when I saw the price in the marketplace:eek:


Nice to see educated folks on the forum referencing a myocardial infarction, sounds much cooler than saying heart attack. :slight_smile:
Please don’t visit the ER yet, we will have a smaller more affordable pack(s) asap, juggling a few things at the moment, please stay tuned. Our Mobility pack just released, , it’ll have smaller packs too.

***big price drop to 150.00

***** NEWS FLASH *****


You talked we listened. We have dropped the price from 250.00 to 150.00!

Please spread the word, and Happy 4th of July weekend!

Cris and the Mocap Online team

That’s great news. I guess one of the problems with having such a huge stack of animations is the final price will be high, even though it’s almost pennies per animation!

I look forward to your other packs. One thing, though. Does your Pistol pack have a reloading animation? I couldn’t see it when I checked the video.

Hi Jezcentral,

Yes, at about 1:10 in the video he lets the mag drop from aiming, grabs another from his back waist, inserts it and racks it once.
At about 1:30 he does the same from the relaxed position. There is also an “unjam” from aim and relaxed as well.
FYI the included Aim and Firing motions are shown in a different video, we added them after the original video was made:

Rifle and Pistol are in the Marketplace queue, should be up next couple of weeks.

Hey, that zombie pack is awesome!

Is the one available on your site ready to import to UE4? Or would any changes need to be done to them first?
Also in the pack is there a full sprint chase for the zombies? Like if I want to have my zombies chase you with a speed of 400 or something like in Dawn of the Dead 2004 movie, is there animations for that? I wouldn’t want to speed up the staggered walks to that speed, it wouldn’t look right.

The sub packs idea for your sets is really good.

Hey thankstipscom,

The Zombie Pack is ported and is in the queue for the Marketplace! It is behind Rifle, Pistol, and Boxing, though hard to say what order Epic will process and release them.
All the stock FBX files on our website could be imported into UE4 and re-targeted of course, but we do custom re-targeting to the UE4 template skeleton with TLC tweaking for each animation in Motionbuilder. The Marketplace packs have perfect hand and foot placement, fully utilizing the IK bones as well. 100% UE4 native and ready to rock, no iffy retargeting results and loss of matching IK bones placement.

We do not have any fast chase animations, but that is an EXCELLENT and obvious suggestion, including stand to burst of speed/run transitions, wicked and scary. We historically have worked with individual clients and their requirements, but you guys are our “clients” at this point as well so I will submit that as a future addition/upgrade. We need this kind of feedback to know what to produce and offer! We come up with ideas/animation packs we think folks would like/need, you guys suggestions/requests are important. We are in the process of setting up our new studio/stage so it is definitely on the list of things to shoot and append the pack with. Please stay tuned, keep the ideas coming.


If you add that sprinting zombie animation please update the thread here and let us know!
thanks :slight_smile:

A parkour pack would be awesome to compliment the mobility pack. I find animations such as climbing stairs, ladders, ledges, ropes, vaulting obstacles, jumping down, steep inclines etc are missing from the market place.

^ THIS. ^ (ladders, climbing especially)

Would love it
(or even its own separate special ‘Parkour’ Pack, either way!)

Thanks SgtNiggs, we have a bunch of cool crazy data with the Somatic Movement guys, just so many other things going on and it’s such a varied smattering of stuff we haven’t been able to figure out how to turn it into a cohesive and useful pack. Maybe we can make a video of the "data’, see if anyone has ideas/requests on what would be useful.

The ladder stuff, we do have a nice set of data which can be turned into a tight ladder pack. Up, down, getting on/off at top/bottom, jumping on/off, etc. One more thing to get to…

And of course if anyone missed it (I forgot about this thread) the new Zombie packs have hyper-running and attacks now, and everything is on sale for the holidays on our store and the Marketplace.

FYI Jesse over at 3 Prong Gaming has been working with us and has made a 3rd person controller to be included with the Zombie packs! Finishing touches now, update soon hopefully.
And believe it or not (I hardly believe it) we have a controller for Mobility and Rifle back in the works as well! Details as we get closer. So much going on…


Figured I’d mention it here, lots questions always about our Packs and new engine 4.13, 4.14, 4.xx etc. compatibility…
YES, they are all currently compatible with all versions! There is simple workflow(s) to add to any project.

Please read the detailed FAQ I have been slaving over all week here, all shall be revealed:

I’m pretty much happy with it, may make some small revisions. Any and all, PLEASE read it and give me feedback on it. I will make an official post about its release at some point soon as it is the number one question we get, but I figured I’d get the WIP out there quicker and get some feedback. These are basic truths and processes that always work for me, and I’m all ears if others have different useful workflows.


I have this ninja pack.
It’s cool for the most part but some of the animations I’d like to use for “non-ninja” poses. It’s annoying how the hands are always up in the air like that, was a lot of work trying to blend and mod them manually. I never ended up using the pack at all.
Would be nice if you could modify the anims so the hands are in more of a general fight or ready pose but keep the rest of the animation the same and release that as an update to this pack. The hands make the pack look very specific and thats not always so good.

Otherwise great variety. I have most of your packs.

Hey thankstipscom,

Thanks for the coherent crit on the Ninja Pack. We’ve had a couple of other public dislikes of the ninja “pose” here and there, but typically a quick statement like “the hands suck” and no real explanation or constructive suggestion/dialog.

I dig what you are saying. At the time we decided, well, ninja pack = ninja pose = whatever ninja-ee thing we collectively with the performer came up with. I can see how using the moves with anything else other than its own pack would be a weird fit.

Can you be more specific what pose would look good and fit with what we have? Specific examples of a “general fight or ready”? Can everyone else give us ideas and specific opinions as well? Please speak up and bring 'em on. I’m totally game to retrofit the upcoming rev. with lots of new motions with an updated “Pose” that everyone is into. But it will be a lot of work (it’s always a lot of work adding animations already) to make the change and live with it - like we’ve been living with the original pose.

Please give us specific ideas what would work and you’d like to see to make the pack better.


Sounds great, definitely lots of useful info here, thanks, always looking forward to all your guys’ future stuff. Everybody sounds busy! which is I guess both good AND bad depending on how you look at it haha…

But yeah, most definitely these here: “And believe it or not (I hardly believe it) we have a controller for Mobility and Rifle back in the works as well! Details as we get closer. So much going on…” (awesome)

and “The ladder stuff, we do have a nice set of data which can be turned into a tight ladder pack. Up, down, getting on/off at top/bottom, jumping on/off, etc. One more thing to get to…” (immediate purchase)

Keep up the great work guys! good stuff

oh yeah and ^this^ one too :wink: …I’ll definitely snatch that one up as well when it’s available
Happy Holidays everybody -JW

Well no point making you recap everything again or wasting what you have. I’d suggest Just rework the upper parts and add a second set of the same motions but with the upper body different as an update to the pack. Don’t charge additionally for it though your packs are already pricey. Which is why its a bit of a miff to buy a pack and not use it at all for a reason like this. Though in itself for a unique look it could be cool for a single character in a game or animation. But in terms of reuse it doesn’t blend well… I’d prefer just a pose like Sub Zero fight stance, (minus the thumb up). The open lead hand is kind of a “nice” touch to separate it from a standard mma or boxing stance… too i suppose. Just some thoughts.