Ninja_01 MoCap Pack - 167 Ninja Motions now on Trello

***UPDATE - 06/24/2015
We are now on the Marketplace! Thanks to all that voted. More various animation packs on the way.

Our Ninja Pack has been updated to “Coming Soon” and will be on the Marketplace!
Thanks to all who voted and commented! Keep the comments on what you’d like to see coming.

Hi everyone!

First time posting here, we just got our Ninja motion capture pack up on Trello! Please check it out and vote! It’s got a lot of really cool animations in it.

Vote here:
Note these are animation art assets only, no blueprints or controllers setup.

It features the martial arts and free running talents of Chris Taylor and Brandon Campbell. We first used them on Ninja Toy 2, then reunited them to tear it up for our Ninja mocap pack. Brandon is currently a karate instructor at Lonestar Martial Arts, and Chris part of the bad to the bone Somatic Movement parkour team. It took building tall platforms, several months and many sessions - and a few bruises - to put this together. Hope you guys dig it.

Video here:



From the MocapOnline catalog, now available in the UE4 format.
A large set of detailed ninja animations for game and CG development. Including: Idles, Walks, Jogs, Runs, Jumps, Evasions, Punches, Kicks, Recoveries, Multi Level Platforms and Stunts.
Many versions of idles and fidgets. Both combat and relaxed animations. Hits and attacks from all directions. Many variations of stunts from and to high, mid and low platforms.
Three different “Platform” meshes are included that match the high, mid and low animations.

Check out the complete PDF motion list:


Technical Details

All animations are on the UE4 template skeleton with IK bones.
All idles and transitions have been carefully pose-matched, for seamless motion trees. All animations are realistic and natural human motion.
They could be truncated, re-timed or otherwise altered for any over-the-top or stylistic personal preference.
All locomotions have two versions: In-Place, and with traveling root motion.
True linear translation speed for each In-Place motion is provided in cm/sec for your reference and convenience. Using this speed will result in zero foot sliding.
FBX source files are also included as single Take animations on the UE4 template skeleton, ready for direct import on any other character using the UE4 template skeleton, or for skeleton-to-skeleton retargeting in UE4 to any other Humanoid character.
They are in “\Content\Ninja_01\Source\FBX\” (not visible in the editor).
A Motionbuilder 2015 file is included with the UE4 template skeleton setup with the the HIK rig. Any of the FBX files can be imported, edited and animated as desired, and re-exported as new animations.
A Maya 2015 file is also included with the UE4 template skeleton setup with the the HIK rig. Any of the FBX files can be imported, edited and animated as desired, and re-exported as new animations.

Please check it all out and vote! We have several more packs we are submitting including Mobility, Rifle, Pistol, Boxing and more, so please support us now so we can keep adding to the UE4 Market.
If there is enough support, we’ll make a small free sample pack for download for everyone to try out.
Give us some feedback! Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


These look incredible!

Wow good stuff and will land up buying it for my own library.

As a suggestion, after checking what you have available on your site, there is a real need for “in air” motion packs for things like 8-way wall climbing, hanging, moving around corners, climbing ropes and ladders, hand over hand or anything you can think of or add where the player models feet are not on the ground.

Would also like to see a free run package that does not involve combat.

Thanks for the positive responses guys. FrankieV, great ideas. We have some ladder and monkey bars data laying around we experimented with capturing, nothing complete or comprehensive though just some experiments and custom stuff for clients.

We are in the process of getting our new space set up, and I’m digging the idea of the 8-way wall climbing! It would be a bit of a challenge to rig up the “walls” for an actor to climb on and be captured, but doable. The ladder and monkey bar stuff is totally doable as well. We just need enough feedback/requests to know it’s worth our time and effort to put together for you guys! :slight_smile: Anyone else want to see “air” moves? Please chime in. This is awesome, keep the ideas coming what you’d like to see, we can capture just about anything if the support is there for it.


Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who’s voted so far! We appreciate the support and are excited to get our animation on the Marketplace. We have some other packs on the way in the approval process which I will post about shortly.
I wanted to mention we are moving our videos over to Vimeo. The new links are:

Video here:

Please check out the original video as well, it shows the UE4 version is identical to the stock FBX version and is extended with a bunch of awesome platform tricks and locomotions:

Thanks again for the support, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


I agree with FrankieV, some freerun and air animations will be a huge asset to the community.

Well dig them up. The hard part about finding good animations for a video game is finding them in matching sets. Finding something like a simple straight up a lander climb, using root motion, is not easy unless purchased as a single clip.

For feed back you might want to put together a YouTube play blast and drop it into the work in progress section to gauge interest.

Thanks FrankieV, we’ll keep that in mind if we uncover the old data and like it and/or when we get back into capture mode.

Super excited for this!!!

Good news, I found the ladder data! Please check it out over in the thread:

GAUGING INTEREST-Ladder-Motion-Capture-Animation-Pack

Thanks again for the feedback, keep it coming!

Ninja_01 Mocap Pack is now COMING SOON!

Our Ninja Pack is now listed as “Coming Soon”, so it will be available on the Marketplace!

Much thanks to everyone who voted. We’ll be posting info on our other Packs we have in the submission pipeline shortly.

Thanks everyone! Give us more ideas on what you’d like to see.


***UPDATE - 06/24/2015

We are now on the Marketplace! Thanks to all that voted. More various animation packs on the way.

sorry for the late comment, but i’m just discover this thread, the animation’s looks very awesome and impressive, i will mark this in my favorites for my future projects!

thank you !