Ninja Turtles diorama

Hello !
During our studies at ETPA, a French Graduate School specialized in Game Design, we had to create a diorama on the theme of “secret hideout”. We chose the one of the Ninja Turtles, with whom we grew up in the 90’s.
We were excited because it was our first experience with Unreal Engine 4 and Substance Designer.
First, we started to list the assets and their materials. We formed two poles: modelling and materials development. At the same time, one person had developed the hideout level-design. Then, we created the environment effects, the lights and the animations.
It was a very rewarding experience in terms of both training with these tools and project management.
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:






Nice touch with the Ninja Turtles on the TV Screen … 8-}

I grew up on these guys … pity the new ones are a little … blah. 8-{

I bet, I’m going to love it!


Oh my gosh I love that Michelangelo is painting, well, a Michelangelo painting. Perfect diorama.