Ninja Stealth Game Level Designer and 3D Modeller/Generalist profit share Applying for Funding

Tenchi The First Ninja

Me and my team are looking to hire one Level Designer and one 3d Modeller/Generalist on a profit share basis. We are looking to create an environment/stage/set for a cutscene to finish a demo level which we will use to apply for funding and Epic Mega Grants. We have concepts for a planned scenario that requires models and staging for the scene. This contract also includes general level design and modelling for the game beyond the demo level and will also allow the chosen candidate to switch to a contract role if they so choose after funding is successful (otherwise it will remain profit share).

The contract to be sent to candidates will contain more details about the profit share.

Team Structure:

Me: Lead Programmer, Designer
Squash(Discord Handle): 3D Modellor (Student)
Aiken Pe Yeng: 3D Character Modellor, Character Concept Artist
Pramote: Lead Animator
Jhonat Alfred: Concept Artist


Hi. Added you on discord Alex.x#0502. Would like to see more details about what need to be done.

I’ll send you a storyboard for the scene