Nightmares UE4 Port

Hey folks,

this is my first project in UE4, a port of Unitys Training Day Tutorial Project Nightmares from Unite 2014.
It’s almost completly done in Blueprints.

You can read more about and download it here:

Very cool!

Thank You very much! :o

The lighting is really something and the fact that you were able to achieve most of this using just blueprints is incredible!

Again, thank You very much. :o
In fact, the only thing done in C++ is the automatic setting of the highest supported screen resolution in fullscreen mode. I encountered the weird behavior, that it started in a 1600x900 resolution on a 1920x1080 monitor. So I had to make sure, that it starts in the highest possible.

About the lighting: Unity free doesn’t let You do anything with emissive lights, so as I got the chance with Unreal, I went crazy about it. :wink:

It looks even better than in Unity :stuck_out_tongue: Did you learn a lot by doing this ?

This is fantastic!

Yes, it tought me a lot of things about UE4, Blueprints and how You organize them, so they don’t look messy and avoid most of the overcrossing lines. The original project was meant to show You a little bit of everything in Unity, so does it when You try to port it. You have to consider the general game logic setup, CharacterController <-> Pawn interaction, Animation Blueprints, navigation, UMG, the material designer (because I wanted it to look, well… emissive^^), particles and a lot more things I might have forgotten to list.

Awesome job TechsRex! I am going to have to test this out when I get some time today.