Nightmare Inception

Just posted my game on steam greenlight been working on it for a year now havent posted anything about it till now and game is just about 90% done. I couldnt have done this game without the big help of the unreal community with all the tutorial or help in forum and answerhub. Ill be posting updates here on forum mostly so be sure to follow along. Please vote for it in steam greenlight. :smiley:

I like the spooky atmo. Fine for christmas 2016 :wink:

Thank you :smiley: Lets hope it does pass soon, so i can release it as soon has possible. Been checking more to find bugs or glitches so on release it’s clean of any. Ill be adding a new video soon of more gameplay. :slight_smile:

Very good! And much congrats for being Greenlit! =D Good luck with this game!

It would be nice to have a much more longer gameplay video , am new to the forums , i have little next to no idea how much hardship you went through to arrive to this point .
so firstly ,
Congrats .

And as for feedback , as i was watching the video , only one thing came to my mind .

Since you are creating a Horror/Mystery game , It would be nice to see some fluid animations and quality artwork. :slight_smile:

Thank you and i have been a bit busy learning more new things for the game but overall i have been rethinking how the game will look now. I am redoing the rooms and hallways all props/meshes to have a more realistic look also reworking the lighting. The game on release will have 99% all 3d models made by me and textured. :slight_smile: In the video those r mostly about 90% assest from UE4 marketplace so as an artist i wasnt happy so thats why im redoing them. ~.^