Night Shift - The next level racing game!


We put a years to create a racing game concept, which most of gamers dream of since need for speed underground - most wanted (2003-2005) times.
We analyzed all kinds of racing games, compared feelings that let us know that current game we play is amazing. We know, that every big game consists of variety of amazing details.
My name is Dima. Racing and racing games are my true love and passion. Night shift is designed to be such a racing game that gamers expect from the generation of Need for Speed ​​Underground. It returns the best traditions - comfortable, dynamic, hurricane gameplay in combination with the best ideas of games like Test Drive Unlimited and Forza Horizon! There will be presented a large open world, consisting of two different interesting and vibrant cities and a beautiful countryside. Very atmospheric weather and sound effects. A wide tunnig that will return that underground-garage style. Dynamic music that will not let you get bored and just catalyzes getting emotions! The ability to buy a shiny candy just off the assembly line at the car dealership or buy a car on a junkyard and then turn it into a work of art. And many other possibilities and interesting things.
And most importantly - high-speed illegal racing, which you want to pass one after another!
The player will travel into world where cutscenes and characters will create amazingly alive enviroment, and where player will really love his car and won’t feel it just as a game car.


  • Yes, and only yes! Now the project is at the development stage of the concept, which can be provided to the publisher, or for crowd funding. Proceeding from this, the strategy of the agreement with rightholders will be developed.

[FONT=Arial Black]When will the teaser / trailer / gameplay / demo / anything?

  • It’s too early to talk about this, unfortunately. For now it’s just only two people working on a project. The idea of the project was brought to the ideal for years. But we don’t have enough professionals, because nobody wants to work for free or for future royalties on a project that aims at an AAA scale.

[FONT=Arial Black]THE MAJOR THING - we still can’t do everything fast enough. We need you. We need somebody, who loves racing games, who tired of what we have in this genre today. Help us develop a fresh look on a racing games!
For now we stuck on one problem. Class wheeled vehicle can’t be modified during runtime, so we are using custom physics from!-Project-download-included&p=628460 as a start point. But we don’t have enough UE4 skills to solve this now. Help us. Maybe together we’ll make a revolutionary game in genre!