Night HDRI


I was searching for a good HDRI for night scenes, but couldn’t find any. The ones out there on the web are not usable because they have buildings/structures in between them. I need a pure plain sky nighttime HDRI. Prefabaly free or royalty-free. Can anyone point to some sources?

If there is none out there, what other things could substitute the HDRI? I have tried plugins like UltraDynamicSky, Orbit Weather and Systems etc, but their nightscenes are super unrealistic and not usable for realistic rendering purposes.

Try googling HDRI gumroad, there’s plenty of free or really cheap options.

For a plain night sky scene, might be hard to find since most HDRIs are there to provide interesting lighting, and a directional light for the moon and a dim skylight should be enough.

I downloaded the free hdri link you provided, but Unreal cannot import the HDR file. Error shows: Failed to import "…/preller_drive_8k.hdr’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/HDRI/preller_drive_8k’. Please see Output Log for details.

Same error for every HDR file in the download.