Nice trick for quick "characters" from 3DSMax

I thought I’d share real quick as I just verified it works.

I needed a quick “character” for a ludum dare game. I didn’t have time during the compo, but just tried this idea out to see if it worked.

Basically, it relies on CAT rigs in 3DSMax, so should work with different versions. Here’s what I do:

  1. Add a cat rig from one of the presets, get it to the right scale etc.
  2. Export the cat rig to .obj file (this creates the geometry)
  3. Hide the cat rig :slight_smile:
  4. Import the obj file, tell it to collapse to single mesh
    With the new geometry, turn it into editable poly, add unwrap UV as needed.
  5. Add a new skin mod to edit poly mesh
  6. Select “add bones” on skin mod and select the cat bones (you might need to unhide cat here)
  7. Unhide cat and add animation layers etc. (See tutorial on youtube for this)
  8. Hide cat again
  9. Export to FBX
  10. Import to content browser as skeletal mesh

And you should see your CAT rig as a skeletal mesh properly in Unreal. Note: You should check the “Cat as HK”? Option in the exporter dialogue so that it thinks of cat as bones rather than geometry. This will make it complain in the exporter feedback but ultimately works to remove the cat geometry (which you don’t want) from the Fbx.

So there you are, fast way of getting a “base human” or some other test character into the world. Add it to a character pawn and all that other junk in a character blueprint and have fun!

Note: There might even be a way to condense some of these steps. This is just the method I did just now that seems to work. Obviously these are only good for placeholder, but hey, it gets you an animated character in game which is the important bit.

interesting. i have an animated model, but using old actorx to export. maybe your tutorial will help to make it faster.