Nice Humor Epic or variable reset no.574

So you know, the good old time in the past, when whenever you added a variable to some structs alot of Broken wires would send your Project to hell. Now smarter people got used to that, minimized the possible breakpoints and avoided structs or modifying them as much as possible.

I think it was around 4.10 when everything you had todo to avoid Hell was to only save the Struct, but don’t save any other Blueprint before restarting. Working with structs still was like playing russian roulette, but your survival chances were pretty good if you were used to the known workarounds for your broken ■■■■.

I can’t say for sure, but it appears you managed to Improve the situation again, when I modify structs in 4.19 not only wires come loose, but all Actors using that struct have every single variable reset - NICE ONE!
And even better according to Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-57632) it’s “by design” but not enough. In the Bug Description People are literally told to use Save All instead just saving the Struct. Now if it wasn’t for the best move in Epics Support History to move Bug Reports of Answerhub I would have the chance to correct this and tell people that only saving the Struct without saving everything else is the way to go in 90% of struct related dataloos.

But I really have to say - good one, you got me too. Due the Bugreport I wasted quite some time trying to save all rather than going for the only viable “save current” solution.

Oh yea, and thank you so much for the Blueprint compilation Manager, that you will force with 4.20 on us, not only that it didn’t fix any of the relevant variable reset issues I experience, it also cranked up the compilation times by a factor of ~15+ for larger Blueprints. I really enjoy starring at a frozen screen for minutes, thank you so much, you make me so happy.