Nice additions to the Editor Preferences

Been awhile since I browsed the Editor Preferences and I see you guys have been putting in some work in there. :slight_smile: I don’t know when some of these updates came in, but the ability to alter the node-wire splines, colors, etc is pretty sweet. There are things about the new splines that I like but also others I don’t, so the ability to play with that myself is great! Also just seeing the Draw midpoint arrows in Blueprints, which should be amazing.

Seems like more things have changed than I can even comment on, so keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Yeah, also noticed this stuff - very nice touch!

I will just cry (again) for “Show All Advanced Details”. Great apologies for highjacking the thread :wink:

Trust me. It’s not as good as idea as it seems. You just get **** long list of options, where you can’t find anything :D.

Are there options that they used to have that they hid away? I think there are enough pages and tabs that you could fit all the settings within the current setup.

Well… it can work for some (currently my workflow always consists of starting up ue and tick on that pesky checkbox to show advanced details) :smiley:

It’s getting quite frustrating for such a small problem. It’s one of those little annoying things that are negatively affecting my everyday use of ue4. Mind you, it’s not like i would drop ue for this kind of tiny “problem”, but sometimes it feels like hulk-rage is building up when this looks like something epic could put into preferences easily, turn it of by default, even hide it in “Advanced Details” inside preferences :smiley: