Niagara timed particle effect notify animation keeps playing indefinitely

I switched to 4.25 hoping it would solve this problem, since Niagara is supposed to be production ready and I had the problem in 4.24… But I guess it didn’t help.

Basically playing a Niagara looping animation with a timed particle effect notify in my character animation causes the particle effect to play indefinitely both in and out of the animation editor. This is a major problem as it makes Niagara unusable on a character.

Is this known? Is there a way to fix it?

Yes, I have the same issue. Following with interest, since it is absolutely crucial to have it working.

Yep - same here…

Make sure in the Niagara System, under System State (the blue node), set the Loop Behavior to Once. Just figured this out myself. :slight_smile: