Niagara stops reacting to audio

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to make a VFX reacting to music in realtime.
In order to do so, I made a module script with the audio spectrum node in it, driving various particle parameters.

The FX behaves normally until I click anywhere outside the viewport. Stopping and pressing play doesn’t have any effect. I have to change a variable inside the niagara system and recompile it in order to make it work again.

I tried to work around this using the following various methods :

  • Using the audio capture component with submixes to prevent feedback loop (this option is my first intention)
  • Using the audio capture component without any submixes
  • Playing a sound with an audio cue in the level
  • Playing a sound from the sequencer

Same behaviour for all of those options.
I have a blueprint that uses the audio capture component and displays a simple equalizer, and this works without problem, so it seems niagara is to blame.

Did anyone found a workaround ? Is this issue for some specific hardware or sound drivers ?
I’ll make sure to post the solution here if I find one.